3 Steps To A Healthy Fit Body

1. Diet

First, make sure you're eating healthily. The recommendations on healthy food are constantly changing as we discover new things, so research the Internet for the latest greatest info. You can use Wolfram Alpha to check nutrition facts on almost any kind of food.

2. Exercise

Second, find a regular exercise regimen that works for you. If you are busy, you might like the 7 minute workout, which requires nothing more than a little bit of space, a chair, and you. If you live in a nice climate, you can try running outside. For most people to keep running up year round, though, they need exercise equipment such as a treadmill. Here are some helpful treadmill reviews to help you select a good one.

3. Keep It Up!

Third, you have to persevere with your regimen. Don't stop just because the weather changes or you don't feel like it sometimes! Don't let broken exercise equipment stop you, either - you probably don't need a whole new treadmill. Look at this list of fitness service providers to find one in your area, or find your equipment by brand and model number and get the replacement part yourself!